How to impress a Russian woman on the dating sites online?

Russian women dating tips / Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Doing Russian women dating is not as simple as you would imagine. It all comes down to having fun, enjoying the experience and also identifying what she likes about the entire experience. While the Russian woman is still a regular woman, she does tend to have some very specific tastes and requirements. And that’s why there are some tips that you need to take into consideration here if you want some good results.


This is the first rule of Russian women dating. You need to share a lot of compliments all the time. Show that you appreciate her and don’t be afraid to talk with her. It really is a fun experience to have and one that does tend to pay off quite a bit. The idea here is to share some compliments even if you are online. But don’t be fake, as she most likely gets a lot of compliments. Try to be unique and charismatic.

Put an honest profile image

Russian womanA Russian woman will be more interested in honesty than everything else. She is known to live in a rough climate and a rather challenging country, so she sees when a man tries to show off too much. What you want to do here is to be honest. Focus on honesty and put an honest profile image if you can. That will help you a lot and it will also enrich your relationship with her. It may not be the first and ultimate option, but it is an option and one that you need to take into consideration!

Chivalry is important

Most of the Russian women dating experience will be focused on how you are courting her. The idea is to show chivalry and respect. It’s something that most Russian women will expect from you, so you might as well deliver as fast as possible. It’s ideal to come up with great topics and cool moments like this, so try to not rush if you can.

Talk about stuff she likes

But aside from that, talk about the stuff you like too. It really is a fun thing to have, and if you think about it, you will get to know more about one another this way too. It’s amazing and fun at the same time, not to mention really rewarding.

Understand what she wants from you

Try to stop faking and instead show the way you really are. You want to show exactly the type of person you are and how you really want to be in the long term. After all, your focus has to be on becoming a powerful and distinct person. So, knowing how to do that will certainly pay off a lot for you.

In the end, Russian women dating is all about understanding her and what she needs. Study her profile, talk with her and always try to be respectful. Offer her credit everywhere you can and talk with her often. Don’t rush into meeting her, as most Russian women are known to avoid fast dates. They end up waiting for a date so they can find the right one!

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